Community Resources

ANCAD publishes Community Resources supporting the not-for-profit sector.

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Strategic Planning

Ref 104, $15

This simple guide takes the mystery out of preparing a management plan and helps you set a vision for your organisation. Takes you step by step through a management plan.

Ref 319, $30.00

A comprehensive guide explaining marketing and public relations plans with tips on using the media. Included are checklists to assess your organisation and guides on how to develop a robust plan with limited time resources without using expensive consultants. All it needs is your collective wisdom and time! The toolkit comprises a folder containing a printed resource book and a supporting CD with useful checklists and planning templates.

Ref 314, $15

A guide for small to medium organisations to help monitor and evaluate a project or organisation that has already been set up, the advantages of an evaluation, how to do it, who to do it and how to report the outcomes. This simple guide will step you through the process.

Committee Roles

Ref 109, $20 

Five sections cover the Treasurer’s Role, Financial Record Keeping, Budgets, Legal Responsibilities and an extensive glossary.

Ref 302, $20

Covers the roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, plus meeting procedures and guides to formal and informal meetings.

Ref 304, $15 

Sets out duties, meeting procedures both formal and informal, running meetings and dealing with difficult situations. Also includes useful tips for teambuilding and group dynamics.

Ref 305, $15 

Covers preparing for meetings, taking and circulating minutes, writing reports, handling tabled reports, Privacy Act requirements and general secretarial duties. A must for any new Secretary.


Ref 321, $15

It is considered good governance practice to regularly review and assess the board or committee’s performance. Contains useful templates and checklists to assist with your Board check list and tools to help with your board evaluation process.

Ref 318, $30

A comprehensive guide covering a board, trust or committee’s purpose and responsibilities. Discusses the selection, orientation and evaluation of board, meeting procedures, mediation, and more. The Tool kit comprises a folder containing a printed book and a CD version with useful templates for agendas, minutes, AGM procedure, etc.

Ref 311, $15

Outlines the difference between the two and the pitfalls to watch out for and the role of the Board once the governance model is adopted.

, Ref 320, $20

Outlines why policies are necessary and their value to your organisation. Contains examples of policies covering topics such as financial management, meetings, conflict of interest, time in lieu, vehicles useage, internet responsibilities and sexual and racial harassment. Also included are procedures to deal with complaints, employment disputes, volunteers and employment processes.


Looks at the basic principles of fundraising and how to develop a successful fundraising strategy. Covers grants, sponsorship, special events and donor development. It explores how the whole organisation can help support fundraising activities.

Ref 322, $15

The central theme of this guide is about putting effectiveness at the centre of service design — not just as an after-thought. Effectiveness in our community services context is largely about showing that you improved the lives of your clients. This guide puts a focus on being able to show funders that you are effective and therefore worth funding.It offers tools and thoughts about relationships with your funders, how to demonstrate that your service is effective, how to show that you deliver value for money and, how you can use this evidence as a marketing tool to build a stronger case for funding.

Ref 316, $15

A step by step guide to preparing funding applications using a team approach. It includes: getting started, planning and costing your project, gathering the information, FAQ’s, understanding funders’ requirements.

Organisational Issues

Ref 323 $15.

This resource offers a new perspective on how to create meetings that are inclusive, where people feel heard, that reflect the needs of all those involved and meetings that are outcomes focused. This is a resource designed to start you on a journey towards hosting meetings that focus on what’s important for transforming your meetings that get results.

This guide offers your organisation information for developing a digital communications strategy, a template for creating a social media policy, important tips for monitoring online discussion forums, and a range of online digital communication tools available to enhance the communications of your organisation.

Ref 115, $15

This guide will assist you prepare your presentation in a professional manner which will enhance the image of your organization and lead to success.

Ref 309, $15

Covers establishing a working group, planning and time lines, budgeting, publicity and more. This resource has been written by people working in the community and is a must for those planning a conference, meeting or event.

Volunteer Management

Ref 310, $20

Topics and ideas for a sound volunteer programme. Includes planning, recruiting, retaining and rewarding volunteers, maintaining a healthy working environment, support and training links.