Deb Humphries - Co-ordinator North Shore Family Violence Prevention and Safer Whanau Project

Deb has worked in the North Shore Community and Social Services Sector for the past 10 years.

Her past employment history has seen her involved in the fields of education, social services, health and most recently Family Violence Prevention and intervention.   

Initially she worked within The Salvation Army North Shore Community Ministries situated in Glenfield. She was then involved with Community Child and Family Services, at North Shore Hospital employed by WDHB. Most recently she held the role of the North Shore Advocate for Children and Young People who have Witnessed Family Violence, a role established by the former Safer Families Foundation / SHINE.

With a background in teaching Deb is passionate about Community Development, especially that which involves enhancing public awareness and promoting change in culture and attitudes which condone violence within our homes and whanau. She believes our whole community benefits when we work towards supporting safer whanau for our children to be nurtured and cherished within.

Deb lives in Torbay with her husband and daughter, she believes having a family is the biggest privilege she has ever received … and the greatest professional development opportunity she has been given.

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