National Volunteer Week 19-25 June 2022

National Volunteer Week 19-25 June 2022

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National Volunteer Week 19-25 June 2022 honours the collective energies and mana of all our volunteers in Aotearoa.

More than one million people across Aotearoa volunteer for an organisation, contribut­ing $4 billion to the economy. Much more happens within communities and informally between people.

This Te Wiki Tūao ā-Motu – National Vol­unteer week, the theme is ‘Time to Shine – He wā pīataata.’ Let’s take the time to re­flect – whaiwhakaaro on all those who give mahi aroha – volunteer for their communities.

It’s a time to recognise and celebrate volun­teers, a time to shine – pīataata. It’s Matariki, a new year and a fresh start; a time to dream – moemoeā and make plans for the future.

These ideas have been inspired by na­tional and international National Volunteer Week campaigns, as well as some new ideas for this year! Pick and choose the ones that resonate with you.

1 NVW2022: Firstly, check out nationalvol­ for everything you need to know about NVW2022. You can down­load all NVW copy and resources there. Don’t forget to use #NVW2022 and #timetoshine in your promotion!

2 Time to shine: He wā pīataata is this year’s theme – wherever possible, use the NVW2022 theme as the basis for all your activities and celebrations.

3 Social media campaign: Share pictures on social media, give a shout-out to your volunteers by holding star print-outs and share using #timetoshine.

4 Collaborate: Connect with local com­munity groups to create a combined NVW2022 campaign (shared effort, more impact!).

5 Morning tea: Share the same cupcake recipe with your team, so you can all share the same morning tea! Try for co­loured icing in the NVW2022 branding.

6 Thank you cards for your volunteers: Even better if they’re handmade.

7 Be the chalk of the town: Create NVW stars and quotes all over the pavements. You could ask your volunteers for quotes about why they volunteer and who they volunteer for – help inspire others to con­sider volunteering!

8 NVW stars over your windows: Print the NVW stars and stick them all over your windows at home, so people can see them from the street. You can download the stars from the Resources/ Other tab on the NVW website.

9 Certificate of recognition: Use NVW as an opportunity to formally acknowledge your volunteers.

10 Create thank you videos for your vol­unteers: Interview people online in your community and ask them to share what your volunteers mean to them and the impact they’ve had.

11 Good news stories: Contact local and national media with stories about your volunteers (even better when they’re told from the perspective of your volunteers).

12 Ask your volunteers: If you want to really do something your volunteers will appre­ciate, give volunteers options to choose from regarding how they’d like to be ac­knowledged.

13 Share your volunteer stories with VNZ: VNZ love receiving good news stories about volunteers and they can be shared on social media, VNZ’s blog or volunteer­ing stories page.

14 Contact your local Volunteer Centre: Your local Volunteer Centre is the best place to start for learning about what on­line events and activities are happening in your region for NVW2022.

15 Use NVW2022 to encourage regular in­teractions between your whole team: If you’re a volunteer involving organisation, consider how regular team interactions between volunteers and paid-staff help strengthen relationships. Create a team to enter online quiz nights or other com­munity activities.


By Margaret McLachlan

Communications Manager, Volunteering New Zealand