My Story Your Story; Together Builds Communities

My Story Your Story; Together Builds Communities



Capturing the legacy of Auckland’s North Shore, this book documents an inspiring collection of stories and photographs of fifty four community workers and leaders. Some are well known, others less so, but all have made a real difference to the lives of individuals on the Shore.

Each person brings their passion for community building to the fore and the oral history approach weaves the stories of the past, bringing them into the consciousness of the present. Everyone who dips in and out of this amazing collection will be inspired by it.

The following people are included within this book:

From Birkenhead/Birkdale/Beach Haven:

John Raeburn, Joan Lardner-Rivlin, Ann Hartley, Jill Nerherny, David Vivian.

From Northcote:

Brian Putt, Ewen Derrick, Lyvia Marsden, Jenny Kirk, Anthony Wilson, Carol Ryan, Cheng Goh, Rangi Davis,

From Devonport:

Dianne Hale, Kuini Karanui, Linda Blincko, Betty Cuthbert, Dave Veart, Paul Titchener, Joel Cayford, Grant Gillon, Mike Cohen.

From Takapuna:

John Osborne, Sir David Levene, Genevieve Becroft, Jan O’Connor, Wyn Hoadley, Marilyn Glover, Fay Freeman, Catherine McClintock, George Wood, Peter White, Aidan Bennett, Alison Roe, Amanda Judd.

From Milford:

Glennys Adams, Janferie Bryce-Chapman, Peter Carter, Joseph Bergin.

From Glenfield:

Lorraine Owens, David Hoskins, Peter Wolf, Tracey Swanberg, Richard Hills, Uiva Vagana.

From East Coast Bays:

Julia Parfitt, Sally cargill, Max Thompson, Richard Hursthouse, Rebecca Harrington, Andrew Williams.

From Upper Harbour:

Sonia Thursby, Margaret Miles, Barbara Cooper Milina.


“The North Shore has seen substantial change over the years, particularly following the opening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge in 1959. These inspiring profiles and stories illustrate people’s efforts to make the North Shore a better place for its residents.” David Verran, local historian and author of The North Shore: An Illustrated History.

This book was produced by Auckland North Community and Development Inc. with assistance by Lottery WW1 Commemorations Environment and Heritage Fund, The Beacroft Foundation, Harcourts Cooper & Co.

Hard cover book. 443 pages.

First published by Auckland North Community and Development Inc. (ANCAD) in 2016.

Cost: Was $70 plus postage. Now just $30 including postage.

ISBN 978-0-9941358-0-3