Community Resilience

In these uncertain times when our communities face many challenges, building community resilience has never been more critical.

With funding support from the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, this ANCAD programme of work, in association with Auckland Emergency Management and Auckland Council, aims to engage communities to prepare for a range of emergencies, contribute towards strengthening resilience and enable connectedness across our communities. It also aims to provide information, resources, and updates.

We facilitate workshops for community groups, speak at community events, and participate in community events and activations by sharing information and resources that help our communities and neighbourhoods be prepared for a range of emergencies within the Devonport- Takapuna local Board area.

Suburban community plans will be available on the dedicated website. We see these plans as living documents that we can add to and review as communities grow and evolve, allowing for collaboration and maintenance of the plans so they remain relevant over time. This website will help to enable connection and information sharing, particularly in the areas of community emergency preparedness.

You will be able to keep up to date by joining the dedicated Facebook group – Resilient Communities Auckland North, or browse helpful resources and links. The website will host the community-designed plans for all the suburbs in the Devonport-Takapuna local board area, allowing for collaboration and maintenance of the plans so they remain relevant over time.

How will we work?


We will engage with organisations across sectors and communities for collaborative and informed responses. This will include asset mapping in communities, attending community huis and collating information for community plans.


In collaboration with community organisations, we will raise awareness and provide opportunities to develop relevant skills. This will involve print and digital resources, running workshops and organising neighbourhood workshops such as the St John 3 Steps for Life course, or Basic Radio Training.


We will provide ongoing support to communities by maintaining local plans, organising the Community Resilience Network and acting as a connector between agencies, organisations and community members. Our work will also be directed by a Steering Group made up of representatives from Emergency Services, support agencies and community practitioners.

Emergency preparedness is vital in these uncertain times and reduces stress, enabling us to respond effectively to adverse events. Developing relationships, working together and building safer, resilient communities is at the heart of ANCAD’s work.

For more information


Madison O’Dwyer, Community Resilience Emergency Preparedness Coordinator