Supporting Community

ANCAD ‘Back Office’ support service provides a valuable service to community agencies, assisting them with financial accounting and administrative services.

ANCAD currently provides support to the Devonport Peninsula Trust, Takapuna Community Facilities Trust (Takapuna Community Trust), Safer North Trust and the North Shore Women’s Centre.

These support services also extend to providing community agencies with access to photocopying services and managing bookings of the Channel View Lounge, as well as support work for the  community Hub bookings.

Susan Moyle coordinates ANCAD’s back office services and is happy to assist organisations with their accounts, as well as directing them to resources and answers to accounting questions and issues.




Our Impact:

The impact of these services include building resilient communities through allowing community organisations to focus on their core work rather than on administration and accounting concerns. Community groups are able to better utilise the core skills and specialities of their staff members in providing community events and programmes in their local communities. This allows for the efficient use of staff time and abilities.

We provide back-office support to the following four organisations:

  • Devonport Peninsula Trust
  • Safer North Community Trust
  • Takapuna Community Facilities Trust (Takapuna Community Trust)
  • The North Shore Women’s Centre

We have taken 434 bookings for the Channel View Lounge in the 2019/2020 year.
Susan updates the Auckland Region Funding Directory annually.

To find out how we might be able to support your organisation please email:


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