Five Good Ideas: Professional Development for 2017

Please note that we require 48hrs notice of any cancellation for any of these courses.  Fees are to paid before or on the date of the course.  Thank you. 

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FIVE GOOD IDEAS … are seminars and workshops designed to equip community and voluntary organisations across Auckland with tools and knowledge to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Here’s what people say:

“Attending the FIVE GOOD IDEAS Governance in Non Profit Organisations was definitely worth the trip down from Whangarei. My colleagues and I realised that there is so much more to governance than we thought and are looking forward to further training.”

“Hi, with regard to why I went to the seminar. 1.. I was looking for a refresher on what my job role was…2.. Looking for some other tools that could allow us/ me improve what we were doing as a trustee.3..As small providers we don’t have an opportunity to step back and evaluate what we are meant to be doing, and this was a good opportunity.The notes also added to the quality of the day.”

“The Seminar was one of the very best I have ever been to! Our expert Tutor Carole Scholes was a skilled presenter providing a two hour summary of Board and Chairmanship roles complete with detailed insights of strategic aims all accompanied by her meaningful body language . Myown futurerole as Chairman became a key issue for me as she provided an overview of strategic changesthat I might table for considerationat our next Board’s meeting to consider its role in the future .Thankyou for your organisational skills.”

“I attended the seminar because I strongly agree that the Governance Role is very crucial in the survival and success of an organisation. The FIVE GOOD IDEAS training provided better insight on the best practice of successful organisations vis-a-vis failing or flailing organisations. Unfortunately, I see the latter many times in too many ethnic and migrant organisations. I just wish that more trustees and officers of NFP would listen and learn from the training.”

Contact: Ruth Greenaway,Training Coordinator
Email: or Phone: 09 486-4820