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DUE TO LOW REGISTRATION NUMBERS THIS EVENT HAS HAD TO BE CANCELLED. In today’s highly changing environment, some of the biggest changes are the increasing legal expectations on boards and committees. This workshop will explore what the legal obligations of being on a Board are. We will explore what you need to know and where the limit of legal responsibility is as a Board member? One of the key legal responsibilities is ensuring that your organisation is using and managing its finances well. We will cover the basic principles of how to read your financial reports and how to notice when things are becoming a problem. Starting a new organisation or charity requires some legal steps and some good conversations to set up the organisation well. Find out what you must do, what you should do, and what can happen later.  Read more
02 Jun - Register Now (Closes on 01 June)

Collaborating in Community-Led Change

You will discover insights in the many tools the community-led development way of working can offer to support and strengthen your mahi in your community. You will understand more deeply who and how we do our best community-led development work.  Read more
09 Jun - Register Now (Closes on 09 June)

Getting Beyond Busy: Simple Strategies to Reduce Overwhelm and Boost Productivity

Do you find the length of your ‘To Do’ list paralysing? Do you constantly feel that you are drowning under a mountain of tasks? Do you ever have that sense that this is not what you signed up for when you took on that new role or leadership position?  Read more
15 Jun - Register Now (Closes on 15 June)

Partnering with Māori : How to practically apply Te Tiriti o Waitangi in your leadership and work

For the past ten years Hilary Star Foged has been working with leaders and managers from community-based organisations, including schools, exploring with them both the significance and history of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and how to build relationship and accountability in partnership with Māori, in Aotearoa today. As Pakeha, this is an absolutely essential conversation, identifying how colonisation has impacted all of us and how we work towards a truly decolonised Aotearoa.  Read more
22 Jun - Register Now (Closes on 21 June)

Cultural Awareness and its Implications for Leadership

As we are more and more aware of consciously creating and growing our organisational cultures, so too we are needing to consciously create and grow our inclusiveness in all aspects of culture, including understanding deeply our own.  Read more
29 Jun - Register Now (Closes on 29 June)

Resourcing Leaders in Times of Change: Learning from Lifecycles

There is increasing evidence that organisations and their boards go through commonly occurring patterns of change and development over time or “lifecycles”. What can we expect as organisational growing pains? How can we be more proactive, and not caught by surprise by these changes?  Read more
06 Jul - Register Now (Closes on 06 July)