Census 2023

Census 2023

March 13, 2023Category:

The New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings is the official count of the people and dwellings in New Zealand. Held every five years, census data helps us understand how, as a country, we are changing over time. The information collected in a census is used by government agencies, local authorities, businesses, iwi, community organisations, and the public to develop and implement new policies, research, planning, and decisions about services in areas like health, education, housing, and transport.

People who missed out on completing their census forms by Census Day, Tuesday, 7 March 2023, still have time to take part and be counted, Stats NZ said yesterday.

Census Day is when every person in Aotearoa New Zealand is asked to complete the five-yearly census so the needs of communities across the country are met by up-to-date information and data.

By the end of Census Day, 2.6 million people had completed their Individual census form, with forms also completed for the dwellings where people live or stay. The majority (97 percent) of the forms received to date have been completed online.

“It was great to see so many people fill in their forms by census night. I want to thank everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand who took the time to be counted. The few minutes you spent doing your forms will help bring tangible benefits to our country for years and years,” Simon Mason said.

“The 2023 Census is a mixed online and paper-form census. A lot of people will have completed their forms on paper and these now need to be mailed back to Stats NZ to be included in the census.

“There is also still time and lots of help available for people if they have misplaced their forms or need some assistance to complete their forms.”

The 0800 CENSUS helpline is open seven days a week, census collectors will be out in communities following up with people who have not yet responded, and there will be reminder letters coming out with new access codes for people that need them.

“Following the very high peak volumes of calls and online activity on census night, people can continue to submit their forms online, or request an access code and have it sent to their mobile phone so they can do the census right there and then. If filling your forms out online, remember to complete each form in one sitting,” Mason said.

People in areas impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle will be provided with more time and more support to take part in the census.

“We are working carefully with local communities to ensure people impacted by the cyclone and recent flooding have the time they need to focus on family and their home and businesses.

“Most people in these regions will not yet have census forms, although some have completed the census. Census collection in these areas is being designed with community organisations to get the timing right and to ensure the right support is in place for people,” Mason said.

“The results of the census will be critically important in supporting communities across Aotearoa New Zealand and supporting the recovery of cyclone-impacted regions.”