Community Engagement

ANCAD has a proven record of building strong communities together and they share this expertise and experience with organisations and agencies across New Zealand. With a focus on social justice, ANCAD continues to support those marginalised in our communities. 

ANCAD’s bi-monthly lunchtime meetings remain extremely popular with high attendances and rewarding participation from those who come along.

On behalf of the ANCAD Board I wish to make a special thank you to the ANCAD staff and all associated parties who assist in the work that we do on behalf of the community. Their work links us to the local board structure and the full Council in many ways. These linkages and connections are fundamental to the community development work we undertake.
 — Brian Putt, ANCAD Chairperson



Community-led Development (CLD) is the process of working together to create and achieve locally
owned visions and goals. It puts local voices in the lead, build on local strengths (rather than
focus on problems), collaborates across sectors, is intentional and adaptable, and works to achieve
systemic change. Our partnerships with the Takapuna Methodist Church and Denise Bijoux of
Catalyse have been a strong catalyst in growing our understanding of this approach through our
Shore To Thrive Project led by our enthusiastic and vibrant Steve McLuckie.
- Yvonne Powley, ANCAD CEO