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The demands on governance boards of not-for-profit organisations have never been higher with increased accountability, compliance, risk management, funding pressures and HR management. This session will explore the delineation of roles and responsibilities and by doing so, how these relationships can work most effectively. Read More
20 May - Register Now! (Closes on 20 May)

Auckland Emergency Management is hosting an educational, interactive workshop designed to encourage step by step actions you, your whānau and your local neighbours can take to better prepare for an emergency. Read More
20 May - Register Now! (Closes on 20 May)

A seminar on the requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act and how this relates to you as a worker, including your duties and other protections. Read More
26 May - Register Now! (Closes on 26 May)

Covid-19 has meant many organisations are having to completely rethink how they work, who they engage with and what they do. Having a clear strategy has become vital so that your organisation and stakeholders understand where your focus needs to sit both internally and externally. Read More
27 May - Register Now! (Closes on 26 May)

A Crowdfunding Workshop: Hear from presenter Therese Lanigan Behrent, Michaela Martinez from Givealittle and Tim Pare from The Funding Network to learn more about crowdfunding as a viable fundraising strategy for your organisation and how you get started. Read More
01 June - Register Now!

Join Auckland Emergency Management as we take you through a scenario exercise of a storm hitting Devonport Takapuna. Read More
03 June - Register Now! (Closes on 03 June)