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This session will cover: 1. What policies and procedures do you need in place to help ensure good volunteer management? 2. Examples of what ‘best practice’ looks like for policies and procedures 3. Discussion topic in break-out rooms – what can you learn from each other in relation to effective policies and procedures? What’s missing? 4. Q & A Read More
11 February - Register Now! (Closes on 11 February)

Nobody likes difficult conversations! This practical workshop provides tips and tools to help you step up to difficult conversations whilst maintaining good relationships in the workplace. Read More
16 February - Register Now! (Closes on 16 February)

Workplaces need to ensure that they meet WorkSafe NZ requirements for first aiders.  This shorter course can be helpful as an additional course for workplaces who wish to go above and beyond their legal requirements and ensure that ALL their staff know what to do in an emergency, without the huge cost and time commitments of the longer NZQA courses.  Read More
18 February - Register Now! (Closes on 17 February)

This session will cover: 1, Learn ‘tips and tricks’ for effectively retaining volunteers 2. Examples of ‘best practice’ in retaining volunteers from other organisations 3. Discussion topic in break-out rooms – share your own ideas and learn from each other how you can successfully retain volunteers. What will you do differently? 4. Q&A Read More
25 February - Register Now! (Closes on 25 February)

This is a series of 5, Zoom meet-ups across the year (bi-monthly) for Leadership and those with leadership responsibilities in the NFP community/organisations. Receive professional development around a ‘Topic of the Day’ from top, professional consultants/facilitators as well as connect with and talk with other community leaders in break-out rooms. Topics will vary across the year. Discuss issues/topics of importance to you. Read More
02 March - Register Now! (Closes on 02 March)

This course will cover: • The benefits of evaluating your volunteer programme • ‘Tips and tricks’ for evaluation • The hidden power of ‘exit’ interviews • Discussion topic in break-out rooms – how will you evaluate your volunteer programme after today? • Q&A Read More
04 March - Register Now! (Closes on 04 March)

Is your approach to funding slapdash and last minute, or strategic and effective? Would you like a framework for sustainable funding? Come along to this funding strategy workshop where you can upskill and refresh your knowledge on best practice fund seeking strategies and processes that will increase your funding success. Read More
10 March - Register Now! (Closes on 10 March)

Whether you’re new to grant writing, or you’ve applied for grants in the past, this workshop will help you gain a better understanding of the grants process and what it takes to be successful in the grant seeking space. In this practical workshop, participants will learn how to develop a compelling and succinct grant application (and funding proposal) that stands out. Read More
24 March - Register Now! (Closes on 23 March)

With so many restrictions placed on our lives due to the black cloud of Covid hovering around it’s not surprising that our confidence, goals and dreams have been suppressed. With a new year, comes a new start. It’s time to take hold of the steering wheel of your life and have a positive approach to 2022 making it a successful one for you. Read More
31 March - Register Now! (Closes on 31 March)

Managing the tricky line between governance and management: It is the most common question for Boards. What is our role and how does it differ from management? This workshop will explore the key roles for Boards and how a Board and Board members can add value to an organisation without crossing into the manager’s role. Read More
06 April - Register Now! (Closes on 06 April)