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This workshop has 2 sessions on offer in the same block of time. Session 1 (3 hours duration) gives attendees a blend of understanding on Governance as well as with Strategic Thinking and Planning. Session 2 (1.5 hours) is optional and an opportunity where individuals/groups can follow up from the first session and begin to practically work on their own Strategy and Planning and Governance matters, with input and assistance from Carol. This will be a great chance to ask Carol questions and consolidate new learning. Read More
03 August - Register Now! (Closes on 02 August)

This session will explore the delineation of roles and responsibilities and by doing so, how these relationships can work most effectively. Read More
18 August - Register Now! (Closes on 18 August)

Workplaces need to ensure that they meet WorkSafe NZ requirements for first aiders.  This shorter course can be helpful as an additional course for workplaces who wish to go above and beyond their legal requirements and ensure that ALL their staff know what to do in an emergency, without the huge cost and time commitments of the longer NZQA courses.  Read More
02 September - Register Now! (Closes on 01 September)

Hilary Star Foged from LEAD will be facilitating our conversations and sharing experiences from her many years of supervising leaders in the not for profit sector. We will be discussing tools, frameworks and ideas that will build your range of skills in being more aware of all the elements that contribute to our leadership responsibilities.  Read More
08 September - Register Now! (Closes on 07 September)