We would love to invite you to attend our ANCAD events. In fact, many of these events will also be hosted in collaboration with our partners or associated networks, in order that we might efficiently share information, hear from you and strengthen each other. Events may be in person or held online via Zoom. Many of these are without cost and free to attend.

Sept 1: Meet Your Local Candidates

1 September, 2022

Meet and hear from your local candidates. Know the candidates positions on the issues that affect our city and daily lives. Make well-informed decisions when voting in this year’s local elections. More information to ...

August 17: Auckland North Community and Development AGM

17 August 2022

NOTE: This date has changed from 27 July to now being held on 17 August. Come along and hear from ANCAD’s Chairperson, General Manager and others about ANCAD’s past, present and future work. Light ...