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Our Story:

ANCAD is a leading social service enabler which focuses on supporting and strengthening community agencies, groups and projects to deliver effective and needed services to the Auckland North community and across the wider Auckland region.

ANCAD is a highly connected organisation that convenes, facilitates and enables innovative community partnerships, networks and initiatives. Then using the voice of this experience, it connects providers with businesses, government agencies and funders to work together to build strong local communities. Through meetings, events, training, research and information delivery, ANCAD enables the right people and agencies to understand what is working and where the gaps are in community services.

ANCAD has a proven record of building strong communities together and they share this expertise and experience with organisations and agencies across New Zealand. With a focus on social justice, ANCAD continues to support those marginalised in our communities. ANCAD also works with new community organisations to assist them with advice on planning, constitutional options and financial administration systems. ANCAD acts as a fundholder and provides accounting services to a number of organisations and community projects.

Our History:

Auckland North Community and Development (ANCAD) is a community development organisation that has been supporting the Auckland North Community since 1974. Formerly known as North Shore Community and Social Services — (NSCSS) celebrated its 40th Annual General Meeting — on the 16th July 2014

On 19th October 1974 a community seminar was held, whereby the recommendation was made that a Council of social service agencies be formed.  North Shore Community &  Social Service Council (NSCSSC) was then incorporated in 1975 under the umbrella of the (NZCOSS); established the same year. Membership to NSCSSC at this time was $2per organisation. In the first year NSCSSC attracted 26 member organisations from across the North Shore. Today ANCAD has 140 members from the North Shore, Upper Harbour, Hibiscus Bays and Rodney districts. To read more about our history refer to our Tumblr blog

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