Coaching & Mentoring

How we help

Our passion and purpose is to be a part of the process of strengthening community through education, engagement and enablement. One such way is in the area of coaching and mentoring.

Our services

ANCAD can provide the necessary person or persons skilled at taking you and your group to where you need to go. Together, we find out what your organisations needs and priorities are and then select the right match of consultant, from those we have connections with, to provide the best coaching and mentoring for your organisation.

This can include customised training, support and guidance on a range of topics relevant to the NGO and community sector in such areas as governance and management, strategic planning, financial management, or with the setting up policy, processes and procedures.

We offer a range of free or subsidised services. Talk with us about your own requirements and let’s see how we can help.

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Simon Ritchie, Training and Capability Lead, Marketing and Communications Lead